Order Your Lopat Elementary Field Day T-Shirt Today!

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     Every year in June, students in preschool through fourth grade participate in Field Day.  On Field Day, students participate in a variety of fitness stations created by the gym teachers.  Each grade level is assigned a different color to wear. It is a fun day for all!

In November, we had a Kid’s Vote to choose a design for our 2019 field day t-shirts. The winning logo, pictured above, was designed by Owen S.

Students can order a t-shirt with the logo pictured above to wear in their assigned color or they can wear a different t-shirt in their assigned color on Field Day.

Students are NOT required to purchase or wear the Field Day T-shirt.

If you would like to order a Field Day T-Shirt, please  go to our online store at


This is a fundraiser for supplies and equipment for our school!

******* Orders due: May 19th  *******

****** Online store closes: May 19th  *******

Assigned color:

PreK –  purple 2nd grade – yellow
KDG – blue 3rd grade – orange
1st grade – green 4th grade – red